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Hi, I am Simon Huwiler. I am a data journalist and visual storyteller located in Zurich, Switzerland. In the fifth grade I started writing code. As a certified software developer I was working on different business solutions.

I graduated with a bachelor of arts in journalism and communication studies from Zurich University of Applied Science and with a CAS in Big Data Analytics from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

I gained experiences at SRF Arena, Aargauer Zeitung, Spiegel Online in the data journalism team and at Blick in the storytelling team. I am employed as a data journalist and visual storyteller at Tagesanzeiger.

My prefered tools are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node and Python. I use frameworks like ThreeJS, React, Pandas or GeoPandas and process spatial data with QGIS. Not happy with the file type GeoJSON, I developed BrokJSON.

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